Email delivery rates of up to 99%
Precise mail delivery report - control on your hands.

Email Marketing - EDM

By using Wopop International Ltd's professional Email Marketing EDM platform, –you can attract the attention of customers,establish a simple and efficient email marketing channel, and maintain close relationship with customers, achieve marketing purposes.

Through Email Marketing - EDM platform, you can achieve:
  • 1

    User friendly Email editor

  • 2

    Easy to create and manage e-mail contact list

  • 3

    Multi-industry & categorized mail design templates

  • 4

    Mail scoring system, to avoid sending spam mail

  • 5

    Step by step EDM system guidelines

  • 6

    Instant access to track on the sent result

  • 7

    Custom-designed HTML email templates - create promotional emails with ease

Plan Features

Create promotional Emails with ease Wopop International Ltd's - EDM platform provides you an efficient way to create email templates,manage your sending list with ease,and achieve instant,complete data analysis report . Efficient EDM can be easily implemented.

  • 10,000 Emails

    As low as

    HK$ 0.009 / Email


    HK$ 90

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  • 30,000 Emails

    As low as

    HK$ 0.008 / Emails


    HK$ 243

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  • 50,000 Emails

    As low as

    HK$ 0.008 / Emails


    HK$ 382

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  • 100,000 Emails

    As low as

    HK$ 0.007 / Emails


    HK$ 720

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List of function

Email management
  • Modular interface
  • Practical Features
  • Efficient EDM function
  • Detailed process guidelines
Contact management
  • Batch Import / Export Contact Information
  • Add, delete, edit contact information
  • Contact email address validity check
  • Contact groups, hierarchical management
  • Add, edit message fields
  • Cross-portfolio combine
Email content management
  • Step by step Email design guidelines
  • Email alert
  • Built-in system Email template
  • Forward, subscriptions and unsubscribe options
  • Used templates record
  • Anti-spam mail content scoring system
  • Intelligent object selection, customized messages
  • Preview and test emails
  • Simple image insertion
Email template management
  • Email newsletter templates
  • Basic email templates
  • Email marketing templates
  • Self-designed template options
  • Campaign invitation email templates
  • Replaceable email format
  • Holiday and seasonal themed templates
Data tracking and analysis
  • Complete data analysis report
  • User behavior monitoring
  • Delivery result classification
  • Comparative delivery result analysis
  • Instant feedback of clicking on the link
User management
  • Add account,account setting and grading
  • Image library
  • View image online
  • Online advertising platform
EDM Support
  • Dynamic industry electronic magazine
  • Telephone, email and livechat support
  • Online help center
  • Clear step by step guidelines